Genetic Art – Part 3

picbreeder is an amazing example of genetic art online that allows anyone to evolve existing images or start from scratch and evolve their own. See here for some great examples.

picbreeder is the first genetic art system I have seen that has results beyond the usual abstract output of genetic art software and can actually produce images that “look like something” (even though in some cases it is clearly Pareidolia). Here are a few example images (there are thousands more in their gallery);

Sunset Drive
Shiny Red Apple
Tropical Parrot Head

The back end uses neural networks that mutate and breed that control the images. The results are very inspiring.

After a long waste of time most interesting experiment with the website these two are examples of what I evolved.

Angry cone eyes

If you want to be distracted (in a good way) for a while give it a try. Everyone that contributes increases the gene pool of images. So be your own God artist.

There is also a nice collection of genetic art links here.


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