Knowledge must be free

The human species advances from building on prior knowledge and sharing knowledge.

The Internet is amazing for this (in the words of Lisa Simpson “Bart, The Internet is more than a global pornography network!”). Being able to access and search for information on any topic has been invaluable for myself when writing Visions Of Chaos.

But recently (actually not so recently as it has happened for a while now) when trying to access a research paper on a specific subject you get sent to some registration page that gives you a quick abstract overview and then wants $25 to be able to download the paper. This sucks and should be outlawed.

Luckily if you then search on the title of the paper you are after you can usually find a cached copy somewhere, but not always.

There are still good indexes and search engines out there specifically for scientific related papers like CiteSeer which caches copies of the papers in PDF, PS etc. For anyone into research into any science related field CiteSeer is brilliant.

Knowledge needs to be free and accessible by anyone.


3 responses to “Knowledge must be free

  1. Yes, indeed. The knowledge need to be free.
    One of the most important part of the knowledge, nowdays is the source code of the software. I suggest you to release Visions of Chaos source code under an open source license (like GNU General Public License) 😉

    Here is another open access site with science papers: (public library of the science).


    • Paul,

      It would be interesting releasing the source code to Visions Of Chaos to help other coders and see what other people can do to extend it, but web hosting isn’t free and I haven’t won the lottery yet 🙂

      PLoS looks like another great resource for research.


  2. I really agree with you and I think it’s a shame.I wouldn’t like for example if somebody would put a copyright to a mandelbulb-formula but maybe it’s possible.
    It’s always turning into something less usable then..
    I admire mandelbulb’s project because it does not belong to majors or MTV, Disney, Adobe etc..
    It’s not property of universities..even better! it is the result of the efforts made by individuals: it is an amazing result.

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