More Mandelbulbs

The Mandelbulb mayhem continues. The Mandelbulb is not the true 3D representation of the Mandelbrot Set but that doesn’t stop people from manipulating the base formulas and coming up withe new variations of the Mandelbulb and Juliabulb formulas. Even though it is not the true mathematical 3D Mandelbrot the Mandelbulbs are a good teasing glimpse into what the true version would be like. They show the fractal structure of bulbs within bulbs when zooming into them and there are more areas to discover the deeper you go.

Here are a few new variations I have included in the latest version of Visions Of Chaos.

Cosine Mandelbulb

Rudy Rucker
rudy rucker mandelbulb variation

Reversed Order
Reversed Order Mandelbulb

Reversed Order Positive Z
Reversed Order Positive Z Mandelbulb


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