This is the only Garfield comic I thought was cute. I am in no way a Garfield fan. The local paper (dodgy rag that is so close to a tabloid) that I buy only for the crosswords (amazingly they do have decent crossword compilers) has Garfield and other terrible comics, but this one was great.

Gaerfield comic

Still gives me a smile.


Fog and Depth Of Field for Mandelbulbs

The new release of Visions Of Chaos now supports fog and depth of field effects for Mandelbulb, Mandelbox and Kaleidoscopic IFS modes.

Fog bleeds color away from areas of the fractal further away from the camera and depth of field blurs parts of the fractal that outside the focal point (this simulates the way a real camera takes photos with areas further away become more blurred). Using both fog and/or depth of field really help to bring out the 3D look of the fractals.