RIP Benoit Mandelbrot

Benoit Mandelbrot, the “father of fractals” is dead at 85.

Here is a recent video of a presentation Mandelbrot gave at TED.

Mandelbrot (I feel I should refer to him in the first person “Benoit” as even though I never corresponded with him or met him, I thought of him as someone who had a similar mindset and someone I would have loved to bump into and have a chat with over a few beers one day). His seminal book may not be the easiest read, but should be on the shelf of any fractal enthusiast. He always had a very humble and humerous side to him (as the TED video above will show). He will be greatly missed. Thankfully his legacy will live on and be explored and extended for many years to come.

There are a bunch of interviews with him (as PDF downloads) on his Yale page here to give a deeper insight into his life.

Initial images of the Mandelbrot Set is what got me (and I am sure countless others) interested in fractals. Without those first glimpses Visions Of Chaos would not exist or be nowhere near what it is today.

Click the following image to see my gallery of a small sample of what is to be discovered in the Mandelbrot Set.

Also, here is a sample movie with some zooms into the Mandelbrot Set that shows the infinite structure his simple z=z^2+c formula can produce.


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