Tutorials and Fractal Flames

I have finally bit the bullet and started writing tutorials for Visions Of Chaos. Writing good documentation and tutorials is not easy. You need take that step back and try to make all the mathematical variables etc (that are rife in fractals and chaos) simple enough for someone who is not knowledgable about the theories to be able to use the software. I have always tried to make Visions Of Chaos easy enough for beginners to use and advanced enough for nerds to use. Not always an easy balance. I find it much easier to read mathematical research papers than try and explain maths to laymen.

The latest tutorial topic I covered was the fractal flames. In the process I updated and rewrote the code behind the flames to cover the newer variations and implement the original Scott Draves rendering algorithms that all the usual fractal flame rendering apps use. Here are a few sample images and movies using the new code;

fractal flame

fractal flame

fractal flame

One more item off my endless Visions Of Chaos “to do” list implemented.


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