A while back (actually a year and a half since the latest update) Ray Dulski (ArtCom) and I combined efforts to write a program called GBK to help people who use the guitar, bass or keyboard (hence the name) learn chords.

GBK screenshot

This was an interesting project. Ray spent much more time than I did on the database behind it that contains all the info for the what scale/key/variation/voicings each chord contains. The end result is not bad at all and has received good feedback from the musical community.

If you are a beginner who is learning the guitar (or bass or keyboard), GBK will save you having to use endless chord books or printouts of chords.

I have occassionally tried to write music myself (seems so easy when you hear a good song and think “I can do that”) and GBK has been a great help. At least it is a great help to allow me to make correct in tune sounding chords. Writing the actual music/tune is not simple. I am still searching for the holy grail of getting a program to write pleasing sounding music automatically.

Ray is much more the muso than I am.


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