Der Lauf der Dinge

Here is a great 30 minute “art” film by Peter Fischli and David Weiss. If you ever enjoyed Mousetrap as a kid or Rube Goldberg if you are a bit older then you will love this.

German title Der Lauf der Linge translates to “The Way Things Go” in English. I remember tracking this video down years ago and it was not easy. Thanks to YouTube it is out there for everyone to appreciate.

It may not be as perfected as the now classic 1 million pound Honda Cog ad, but it was 2 guys in a warehouse doing it for the love of doing it. Apparently Fischli and Weiss did get a bit stroppy and accused the Cog ad of plagarism. Sheesh!

Here is the original 2 minute cut of the Honda Cog ad.


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