Visions Of Chaos for Android

NOTE: VocDroid has since been updated and is now available as Visions Of Chaos for Android. It is highly recommended you download the new version and ignore VocDroid.

My old Nokia phone finally died so I upgraded to a new Android capable smartphone.

After trying a bunch of the freely available apps I wanted to have a go at programming the device for myself. After a few days of hacking I managed to get the first version of Visions Of Chaos for Android (VocDroid) up and running. Currently it only supports 2D Cellular Automata and 2D Cyclic Cellular Automata.

Here are a few screenshots;

You can download the APK file here.


3 responses to “Visions Of Chaos for Android

    • The same history pass to me, and I think of getting into Android, but my lack of time stoped me. (I tried to do a 3D automata in 3D, but I’m still looking for a good way to represent it, some of it is in my blog).
      Good job done in your APP. I follow you on youtube and now on the blog. An idea for an APP, turn smartphone into cellular automatas and activate them according to proximity to friends. This will be a cellular automata where distance to neighbors change.

      • After playing with Android development for a while I have given up for the time being. Testing for all possible devices is impossible unless you want to invest a heap of cash. If your app crashes on some esoteric tablet you get a 1 star review that brings down your overall rating. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Java Android development environment either.

        Strange you mention 3D CAs. I have been updating the 3D CA in Visions Of Chaos over the last few days. Getting some interesting results with multiple states. Display methods are not easy. I will put up a more detailed blog post when I have something worth sharing.


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