JPS Stereoscopic Fractals

I recently purchased a LG TV capable of 3D display. It comes with passive 3D glasses (ie no shutters with polarised lenses – similar to the ones you wear in the cinema when watching a 3D movie).

The first thing that came to mind was how do I get Visions Of Chaos to output images that the TV will show in “real” 3D when wearing the glasses.

Firstly I discovered the MPO format. The official MPO spec is too complicated for me to implement and doing a quick web search for source code shows nobody else has worked it out who is willing to share a snippet. Note: if you have a left and right eye image file and need to combine them into MPO format you can use Stereo Photo Maker.

Then I found the JPS format which is a much simpler 3D image format to support. JPS is simply a JPEG image file with the two eye images side by side. The right eye image on the right and the left eye image on the left. Getting Visions Of Chaos to stitch the left and right images together into a JPS was simple, so now anyone with a JPS capable device will be able to see fractals (and any 3D output) from Visions Of Chaos in real pop out of the screen 3D.

Each JPS image should be HDV 1080p resolution (1920×1080 pixels), and each of the “eye” images needs to be resized/squashed to half width.

For example, this image

Mandelbulb Fractal

becomes this image with the squished right and left eye images

JPS Stereoscopic Image

If you have a device capable of displaying JPS images, download the above image, rename the extension to JPS and view it to see in real 3D.

Here are a few other sample images. Again they need to be renamed to JPS before viewing on a device that supports the JPS format.

JPS Stereoscopic Image

JPS Stereoscopic Image

JPS Stereoscopic Image

See more in my flickr gallery.

All of these images really “pop” on my TV and have impressed even non-fractal friends who have seen them. Visions Of Chaos now supports JPS stereoscopic images along with the usual anaglyph formats (red/blue, red/cyan, wiggle gif, etc).

The next step was to support 3D movies. All the 3D outputs in Visions Of Chaos now support side by side real stereoscopic 3D output. Here is a quick sample. On a 3D device you can look deep into the fractal structure.

More samples to come.


2 responses to “JPS Stereoscopic Fractals

  1. Hello Jason, great stuff. I’m looking into the same matter, and I think the JPS format has the right image (that should be seen with your right eye) on the left side, and vise versa. So called “crosse eyed”. I know you can switch this in the 3D software but I think most tools (and Wiki) say crosse eyed.

    Have you been able to watch the jps directly from HardDisk ? (I have an LG monito/TV, which can show movies and pictures directly from usb-harddisk without the use of a PC, but JPS do not show in 3D)

    Regards, Bas (

    • For my LG TV it will show JPS images as 3D directly from a USB hard drive. It seems to know the JPS extension means it needs to activate the 3D view mode. With 3D side by side movies I need to start playing the movie and then manually activate 3D mode via the remote. So maybe you need to manually activate 3D viewing once you have a JPS on screen?

      Interesting about the cross-eyed format. I did try that first and the JPS images were obviously wrong on the TV. Wall eyed versions (as with the above images and movie) work perfect and really jump out of the screen.

      Maybe I will need to add an option for both Cross Eyed and Wall Eyed JPS.


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