Wada Basins Part 2

I have been interested in Wada Basins for some time now. Wada Basins are the fractal like patterns that occur between touching reflective spheres. I finally got around to start adding support for GLSL into Visions Of Chaos. GLSL is the OpenGL Shading Language that allows you to use your graphics card processor (GPU) to do calculations that are magnitudes times faster than your CPU will ever be able to accomplish.

Here is a sample zoom sequence into a wada basin rendered using path tracing. Using the path tracing approach leads to global illumination with colors bleeding into nearby surfaces and soft shadows. If I was to even attempt to render these sort of images on the CPU alone this post would be months away, but harnessing the power of the GPU allowed these snapshots to be done in relatively no time at all.

Wada Basins

Wada Basins

Wada Basins

Wada Basins

Wada Basins

Wada Basins

The new version of Visions Of Chaos supporting GLSL will be out soon “when it’s ready”. I have meant to release it for a while now, but I keep adding new features and making changes.


6 responses to “Wada Basins Part 2

    • I know you have been involved with some much more high end rendering packages. Indigo is way beyond this sort of thing I am doing.

      If you have some time, I am sure Eiffie, myself and anyone else reading would be very appreciative to have your input in improving the shader code.


      • The only issue I can directly see is the aforementioned “surface acne” problem, for which a classic workaround is to introduce a small epsilon check for self intersection when performing shadow ray queries.

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