2017 In Review

Another year comes to an end. At the start of this year I decided to do at least one thing for Visions of Chaos each day. That one thing could be fixing a bug or adding a new feature. Sometimes it would just be a small change, other times a new mode. For most of 2017 I did manage this. There was a week or two around the middle of the year that I could not motivate myself and did nothing, but for the rest of the year Visions of Chaos benefited from a bunch of bug fixes and new features. Scrolling down in this blog until the start of 2017 shows I did make some good progress. My to do list for new features continues to grow rather than shrink and Visions of Chaos will never be finished so expect many new features in the coming year.

For my last movie of 2017 I decided to do yet another Video Feedback movie for YouTube as there were a bunch of new and interesting VF examples I found since the last movie was uploaded back at the end of June.

I have also started to try and include soundtracks with my YouTube movies. So many people commented or complained that the videos needed music. I purchased a copy of FL Studio and not really having any musical talent was able to make some soundtracks. Who knows, maybe I will start getting comments to stop adding music now.


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