Stacked Generations Display For 2D Cellular Automata

History Dependent Cellular Automaton

This isn’t something new, but a feature that was on my to do list for years after seeing it implemented elsewhere.

History Dependent Cellular Automaton

The idea is simple. You take a 2D CA and rather than render each step/cycle/update as a 2D image, you add the current 2D cell states as a layer of a 3D stack of cubes. Each slice of the cube is another step in the CA generation.

History Dependent Cellular Automaton

These examples are of History Dependent Cellular Automata.

History Dependent Cellular Automaton

Once again I must give a shout out to the most excellent Mitsuba Renderer. I would not be able to render these examples with such nicely shaded cubes without it.

Visions of Chaos now supports generating 2D Cellular Automata, History Dependent Cellular Automata and Indexed Totalistic Cellular Automata as stacked generations.


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