Stochastic Cellular Automata

Stochastic Cellular Automata (also referred to as Probabalistic Cellular Automata or Random Cellular Automata) are cellular automata that introduce some form of randomness.

For example, the usual Game Of Life CA uses the rule 23/3. If a live cell has 2 or 3 neighboring live cells it survives. If a dead cell has exactly 3 live neighbors a new cell is born at that location. This sort of rule is called deterministic as there is no random chance involved. To make the rule stochastic we can introduce a probability for the rules. The 3 for a cell to be born could have a 90% probability applied. Now if an empty cell has 3 living neighbors it will only be born if a random value is less than the 90% probability.

When implementing the interface for stochastic CA, rather than the usual 3D Cellular Automata settings;

the probabilities are added;

Finding interesting stochastic results seems even more difficult than in deterministic CA. For the 2D variation lichen like growths seem common. For 3D I have been able to tweak some amoeba like growth structures. Here is a sample movie of a few 3D rules.

2D and 3D variations of Stochastic Cellular Automata are now included with the latest version of Visions of Chaos.

Seeing as these are new modes there are very little sample files included with them. If you download Visions of Chaos and find any interesting rules, please email them to me for inclusion in future releases.


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