Hybrid Fractals

Hybrid fractals occur when you alternate between fractal formulas during the inside iteration loop of generating a fractal. The idea came from posts on the old Fractal Forums site.

For example, rather than the usual Mandelbrot Fractal iteration, you can modify the inside loop to alternate between the Mandelbrot, then the Burning Ship, then the Mandelbrot, and the Mandelbrot again. You then repeat the sequence for as many iterations as that pixel needs.

This gives a result like the following

The code to create this (and other hybrid formulas) is included with Visions of Chaos, but you can also see the OpenGL shader code for it here.

I have also used the same hybrid technique for 3D Mandelbulb Fractals as shown here.


2 responses to “Hybrid Fractals

  1. Hi Jason,
    I try the hybrid with Mandelbrot Burning Ship as in the video that you propose and a bug does not allow me to go to the end of the transmission.
    What can I do to avoid stopping the transformation ???, ..

    Thank you Jason ..

    • What bug?

      Did you use Visions of Chaos to render the code? ie;
      1. Load Visions of Chaos
      2. Select menu Mode->OpenGL Shading Language->Custom Formula Editor
      3. Click Open button
      4. Select Hybrid Mandelbrot Burningship Mandelbrot Mandelbrot Fractal Power 2 CPM.CFF
      5. Click OK to generate it

      If there is an error, make sure you have the latest video drivers for your graphics card.


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