Eulerian Marker-and-Cell Fluids

Eulerian MAC Fluid Simulation

Benedikt Bitterli has a set of YouTube videos that have been an inspiration for years.

Eulerian MAC Fluid Simulation

He generously shares the source code to a series of programs on his Incremental Fluids GitHub that cover implementing a 2D fluid simulation. His code is based on Robert Bridson’s book, “Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics”. I have seen that book mentioned all over the place and almost bought a copy, but reviews say it is focused more on the math (not so helpful to me) and not on the code (which I can follow much easier than math formulas).

Eulerian MAC Fluid Simulation

So far, I have converted Benedikt’s first and second programs for inclusion in Visions of Chaos. Calculations at 4K resolution were originally taking up to 10 minutes per frame, but with some multi-threading and code optimizations I got it down to around 10 seconds per 4K resolution frame on a relatively modern i7 CPU.

Eulerian MAC Fluid Simulation

The results so far are really nice. The resulting flows show very high detailed vortices and fluid behavior.

Eulerian MAC Fluid Simulation

Here is a sample 4K resolution movie showing these fluids in motion.

Eulerian Marker-and-Cell Fluid Simulations are now available in the latest version of Visions of Chaos.


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