Alternating Neighborhoods Cyclic Cellular Automata


What happens when you combine the Alternating Neighborhoods with Cyclic Cellular Automata? This was an idea emailed to me from Asher (check out his blog and YouTube).

Range 1 Neighborhoods

Firstly for CCAs that only use neighbor cells within a range of a single cell. Rather than check all 8 neighbor cells each step of the CA, the neighborhood cells alternate between the following neighborhoods each cycle. The green square is the current cell being processed and the red squares are the neighborhood cells counted.

Range 1 Results

Expanding Stripes – Range 1 – Threshold 1 – States 3

Large Spirals – Range 1 – Threshold 1 – States 15

Spirals – Range 1 – Threshold 2 – States 4

Range 2 Neighborhoods

And then I also extended the neighborhoods to Range 2 and I give the option to use either of the following layouts.

The second neighborhoods tend to give more squarish shaped spirals compared to the first neighborhoods.

The usual CCA rules apply, but the neighborhoods above are used to calculate the count of values that is checked against the threshold.

Range 2 Results

Dithered Spirals – Range 2 – Threshold 2 – States 5

Small Spirals Form In Larger Spirals – Range 2 – Threshold 2 – States 4

Stable Blobs – Range 2 – Threshold 7 – States 2


Alternating Neighborhoods Cyclic Cellular Automata are now included in Visions of Chaos.


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