Instant Neural Graphics Primitives (NeRF)

A quick post showing some steps to get NeRF going in Visions of Chaos to help first time users.

Step 1 – Training

1. Create a new empty directory for your trained data eg D:\Nerf Test\
2. Create a directory under that called images eg D:\Nerf Test\images\
3. If you have a series of images you know will work for training, put them under images. Otherwise, you can copy the images from C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Visions of Chaos\Examples\MachineLearning\Instant Neural Graphics Primitives\data\nerf\fox\images\.
4. Start Visions of Chaos and select Mode->Machine Learning->3D->Instant Neural Graphics Primitives
5. Set the source to be D:\Nerf Test and click Train.
6. Wait for the training to finish. For the fox images on a 3090 it took around 3 minutes.


Step 2 – Viewing

With the Source location still pointing to D:\Nerf Test you can now click View to start the viewer GUI.

If you used the fox images you will see the point cloud of the trained data like the following. Middle mouse button click and drag to slide the model around. Left click and drag to rotate.


Step 3 – Creating a Movie

Lastly you can now create a movie of a virtual camera moving around the 3D point object.

1. Let the points accumulate enough to see a reasonable image that is not too noisy.
2. Scroll down in the settings dialog and expand Snapshot.
3. Click Save.

Now to make the camera path. By default the path dialog is hidden behind the main dialog, so click and drag the main dialog out of the way.
When you have the Camera Path dialog showing, move the camera (middle click and drag, left click and drag) to the position you want your movie to start at.

1. Click Add from cam to add that point.
2. Rotate and zoom to another location and once again click Add from cam.
3. Do this another few times to create the camera key frames.
4. Once you added all the points click Save to save the path.
5. You can now close the GUI.
6. With the Source directory still set to D:\Nerf Test click Movie.

By default it will create a 15 second movie at 30 fps at a size of 1280×720. You can change these settings if you wish.
The movie frames will be created …


…and the movie will play when finished.

The movie is saved under your specified Scene directory.

Train your own images

See the fox images as an idea of images to use. You want a series of images rotating around the subject showing it from all sides you want to see in the final movie.
You can also use a movie to train from of your subject rotating. The movie frames will be extracted for you and then trained as normal.


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