Topics of interest to myself and hopefully others.

If you wish to contact me I can be reached using the following email address;

jasonrampe (at) softology (dot) com (dot) au

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  1. Jason, you are an absolute genius!

    I haven’t liked much of what I’ve seen of the mandelbulb out there – because of its distortion and poles – but you’ve found some shapes that look a lot better than your average mandelbulb – not least because you’ve gone the extra yard of investigating other formulae.

    I have wondered what the nova fractal formula would do in 3 dimensions, some of your work seems to be suggestive of things I’ve seen in nova. I’d love to hear if you do have any success with a nova-like formula in 3d!

    Utterly awesome and amazing work man!
    Well done! keep it up 🙂

  2. Hi Jason.
    I’d like to know if Vision of Chaos is able to make stereoscopic 3D renderings for the new 3D TV:s?
    If not then that’s a feature request. That would be so cool.

    • Visions Of Chaos does now support JPS stereoscopic images output that the new 3D TVs support. Side-by-side 3D movies are also supported.


  3. Hi.
    I absolutely love Visions Of Cahos (i think i lost too much time with the glsl editor.)
    I’ve also a little feature request to submit:
    It will be really cool if you add the possibility to save movies frames only after convergence with the continuous rendering, and add maybe an new uniform that is incremented after each convergence.
    Because seeing the convergence process is a bit boring, and i don’t think anyone wants to make a movie of that.

    Anyways keep improving this soft it is soo cool…

  4. The latest version 68.3 gives a viruswarning (url.mal) in Avast;can’t download because vast blocks the download process.Never happened before.

    • Yes. It is a false alarm. If you disable Avast while installing it should be fine then. If you test the installer on virustotal you will see it only has the 2 (false) detections out of 60 antivirus programs.

  5. Sorry;must be “Avast blocks the download process”. Aside from this,VOC is the best fractal generator I ever used;started with fractal generation early in the 90’s,with my self writen progs,in Sinclair Super Basic,later in C,on a Sinclair QL. Great way to train your patience :-))

  6. you are great! i love your work
    but i can’t understand “maximum cell state” in 3D CA. what does it mean? how to have over two state?
    help me please!

    • Rather than 2 states (on or off) you have more possible states. For example if you have 5 states per cell (4 live states and dead), each cell that is “born” starts at state 4. If that cell dies, rather than going straight to state 0 dead it goes to state 3, and then state 2 the next step, etc.

  7. 1. You are amazing and keep up the great work. I’m into all different types of patterns and a tool like this is just incredible.
    2 . I have the android app and am going to download the full version. That said, I’ve gotten away with not having a laptop/desktop for a while (been using my iPad Pro for most things) and am looking to finally get a laptop or maybe a desktop. I was wondering if you had any suggestions of what kind of specs I should look for to run the program smoothly?

    • Buy the best CPU and GPU you can afford. Multiple core CPU and fast GPU help in rendering the most. Latest NVidia RTX technology not used, but any GeForce 1080 will help run all the shader related code fast. In the end though, no matter what you decide on you can always push the limits in Visions of Chaos to bring any hardware to a crawl.

  8. Do you have any thoughts on the best way to convert something made in visions of chaos into a vector file for use in say illustrator? I’ve tried selecting what I want in photoshop then using Illustrator’s trace function, but have not been overly impressed with the results

    • No, sorry. I do not support any vector file formats at this time. I will add it to my to do list and have a look at the possibilities in the future.

  9. Hi! I like the VOC software very much!!! I interested about music also. Will You please make an option on next update to extend the MIDI capability in range? I think 1 octave is too near. I wish nothing but the best for You on this way!

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