YOTZ is updated and back on the Play Store

Another one of my android apps I finally got around to updating and releasing on the Play Store.

YOTZ is my version of the well known Hasbro game Yahtzee. Only for 2 players at this stage because the more I think about trying to code a decent computer AI opponent the more my head hurts. There are some interesting research into Yahtzee strategies out there like this one so maybe one day I will have a go.

YOTZ Screenshot

YOTZ allows you to play up to 6 games at once. Multiple games are much more interesting than just a single game at a time and lead to more strategies in play.

YOTZ Screenshot

As with all my apps, this one is 100% free and 100% ad free. YOTZ also needs no permissions to run.

Click here to download YOTZ from the Play Store.