A word version of ADDLED. ADDLED seemed to turn a lot of people off before they even tried it because of the maths involved. Google Play is full of word related puzzle games so maybe Gridwords will attract more players.

Gridwords Screenshot

Words need to be found within grids of letters. Starts simple with common 3 letter words in small grids but the complexity of words, letters per word and grid size increases as the levels go up.

Gridwords Screenshot

Gridwords is 100% ad free.

Click here for more info or here to open directly in the Play Store.


Quit Smoking Helper for Android

Yet another of my older Android apps I have updated and re-released to the Play Store.

Quit Smoking Helper gives you various stats to encourage the quit smoker to stay quit.

Quit Smoking Helper Screenshot

The screenshots show my current stats. The statistic that always amazed me is the time saved. That is time just inhaling and exhaling the smokes.

Quit Smoking Helper Screenshot

Quit Smoking Helper is 100% free, 100% ad free and requires no permissions to run.

Click here to open the Play Store page.


YOTZ is updated and back on the Play Store

Another one of my android apps I finally got around to updating and releasing on the Play Store.

YOTZ is my version of the well known Hasbro game Yahtzee. Only for 2 players at this stage because the more I think about trying to code a decent computer AI opponent the more my head hurts. There are some interesting research into Yahtzee strategies out there like this one so maybe one day I will have a go.

YOTZ Screenshot

YOTZ allows you to play up to 6 games at once. Multiple games are much more interesting than just a single game at a time and lead to more strategies in play.

YOTZ Screenshot

As with all my apps, this one is 100% free and 100% ad free. YOTZ also needs no permissions to run.

Click here to download YOTZ from the Play Store.


Anagram Generator for Android

I have updated my old Anagram Generator app for new Android devices.

Features include;

Lexigram and anagram searching.

Anagram Generator Screenshot

Word searching using wild card characters. Useful for crosswords and Scrabble.

Anagram Generator Screenshot

Rhyming. Search for words that rhyme with a sepecified word. Good for song writers and poets.

Anagram Generator Screenshot

Dictionaries supported are Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Download Anagram Generator from the Google Play Store here. 100% free and 100% ad free. No device access required for use.


Freedom of knowledge and Sci-Hub

If you are a nerdy science type who likes to read academic and or research papers (for fun or for knowledge) you will have seen for a long time now that a lot of the papers get blocked behind a page that asks you to pay for access to the paper. These “paywalls” usually amount to around $30 to see one individual paper. If you are a university student you can get around this if your institution pays the publisher, but for your average person you do not have free access.

Science Paywall

This is very frustrating. Knowledge needs to be openly shared for the human race to advance. The power of shared knowlegde the Internet brings should not be restricted.

SCI-HUB is the latest completely awesome solution (note, may not be truly legal – see wikipedia article for the full history) that gets you access to these paywalled papers.

Here is an example. James Crutchfield’s seminal paper on Video Feedback “Spacetime dynamics in video feedback” is going for $37.95 (assuming after AUD conversion)!

In this case the paper is easily accessible elsewhere as a PDF, but a lot of papers can only be accessed behind a paywall.

If the paper you want is paywalled, take the DOI link, ie this one for the above paper
and put it into the SCI-HUB search field to get

Until the legal battles are fought and won or lost SCI-HUB is a great resource to access knowledge. Remember accessing papers this way does not take away any funds from the original researcher(s). They get nothing if you pay $30 to see a PDF.

Newton Quote

I could go on for pages about the arguments out there. Do some googling on “academic paywalls” to read all the hatred against them. I gave up trying to find a page that said it thought paywalled knowledge was a good idea.

Ever since starting this blog I have always tried to only post positive topics. The old “if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all” line. But this topic has and will continue to annoy me past the point of silent indignation.


ADDLED updated and re-released

After some updates for the latest Android versions I have now released the latest version of ADDLED to the Play Store. ADDLED is 100% free and ad free.

ADDLED Screenshot

The aim is to find a set of numbers that add up to a total value. Initially the levels are simple with just sums using positive numbers, but later levels give larger grid sizes and negatives, multiplication and division.

As the difficulty increases there are more strategies to implement to get through levels.

ADDLED Screenshot

The levels are quick enough to fill in a few minutes when you have some spare time. There are 5000 total levels to keep you more than occupied.

If you think this is your sort of puzzle game, download ADDLED through the Google Play Store.


Updated Visions of Chaos for Android

I have updated my Visions of Chaos for Android application to version 1.19. Click here to go directly to the Google Play Store page.

Visions of Chaos for Android Screenshot

New features/fixes include;

1. Added more color palettes
2. Added more sample GLES shaders
3. Added Delete option to remove shaders that are incompatible with device
4. Fixed instabilities with pinch zooming
5. Fixed out of index bug that sometimes occurred with Buffalo Fractals
6. Fixed spinners’ dropdown text colors so they are more visible
7. Fixed bug in GLES shaders that date.w was passed as current second rather than seconds since midnight

Visions of Chaos for Android Screenshot

I do recommend using a new high end Android phone or tablet. The shaders can crash older devices and general performance can be frustratingly slow on old phones.

All of the images on my Instagram gallery were created using the app.